get oui info from ieee-oui.txt

Syntax: oui <mac_addr>

example: oui 38:2c:4a:38:84:5c

# oui by COdE-PiERcE
if [ "$MAC" = "" ]; then echo "Syntax: oui <mac_addr>"; exit; 
 # echo "Getting info on $MAC"
 grep -i $MAC $OUI

iscsi client slow bootup

After I have upgraded my Ubuntu to 17.04, booting seems really slow. There is a 150 seconds delay when iscsiadm client started.

After fiddling around, I “fixed” it with the following

1. Set in iscsid.conf node.startup=manual
2. delete unwanted iscsi nodes from /etc/iscsi/nodes
3. delete unwanted host from send_targets
4. delete softlinks inside send_targets/[host.ip:port] for deleted nodes.

Boot up like a charm….

oui.txt for arp-scan and nmap (I think)

Here you go. replaced the /usr/share/arp-scan/ieee-out.txt


Port 22 and 23 blocked on UNIFI

TM finally realised of one mistake they made few years ago, so now, they are blocking all connections to these two ports just to cover up the mistakes they made. Well, for a linux user, I need port 22 and from the look of it, there is no way TM is going to allow me to use port 22 if I don’t present these info on internet to tell everyone that “Hey!, there is a big hole that remains unplugged”. So, should I or shouldn’t I?

If they do anything to my account now, I will have this published on the internet. If they choose to keep deprived me of port 22, this info shall go into public and I must say, a lot of companies might just go into information ice age right now. Safe to say, the two VIP’s whose infra is designed by me would not have this kind of problem.

Anyway, good luck plugging another port other than 22 and 23 that has a vulnerability bigger than the power 22 and 23.

TM has until Monday, 17th April 2017 to give me back port 22, if not, the 4 lines shall go public.

Good luck, anyway.

Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade on cloud

Please make sure /etc/default/grub has CMDLINE option “net.ifnames=0″and update-grub. Else network interface willnot be up

white LED 5mm

White LED 5mm  do not work above 3.3v. it is cool at 2.9v, optimised to 2 parallel running 2.98v optimum.

Ubuntu on Intel Bay Trail tablet crossover

1. Download Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit,

2. Add grub-efi-ia32 to it.

make sure grub32.efi is on the disk

3. boot device until boot manager,

4. Disk should be listed in the boot menu


1. telnet password for D-link Router

  • username:root
  • password:root

I am getting my own router first thing Monday. meanwhile, hiding this LAN segment from my network to the internet.


  • VLAN ID 500

3. VLAN for HyppTV

  • VLAN ID 600

4. Hidden VLAN to user segment with bridge to VLAN ID 1

  • VLAN ID 209

5. RIPV2 Protocol not supported IPS and IDS Screamed like hell on the Ethernet level.

7. D-link modem has bad bandwidth

8. If you are connecting the ONU to your own linux router (ubuntu based), use the following inside your /etc/network/interfaces

auto unifi2
iface unifi2 inet ppp
pre-up /sbin/vconfig add eth1 500
pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth1.500 up
pre-up /sbin/vconfig add eth1 600
pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth1.600 up
provider unifi2

auto br6
iface br6 inet dhcp
bridge_port eth1.600 eth2
bridge_fd 0
bridge_stp on
bridge_maxwait 0

9. Clamp MSS to PMTU do not work, have to set MTU to 1460 or below. seems to be optimised to 1460 or 1459 on TM’s side

Ubuntu to add MTP support

sudo apt-get install libmtp-common mtp-tools libmtp-dev libmtp-runtime libmtp9

bash script to get default gateway

route -n |awk ‘/^ {print $2}’ip route |awk ‘/^default/ {print $3}’


route -n |awk ‘/^ {print $2}’